iAgripreneur (Agripreneurship Management Program)

Transforming traditional farming into an inclusive Agri growth powerhouse with help of hi-tech training, skill development and employment generation.

What is an Agripreneur?

It is the act of being an Agripreneur, meaning “One who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into agricultural economic goods” and farmer community will be benefited. It is the concept in which somebody uses all his energies to find solutions to the problem that can serve him and his society in the best possible way.

Or The process in which you look at things in such a way that nobody has ever imagined when the person provides the solution everybody realizes that it can be done and even followed.

Agripreneurship is an exceptional form of employment as well as excellent way of fostering innovation and reinforcing social and environment values. However young people often find themselves disadvantaged when attempting to embark on entrepreneurial endeavours thereby calling for such platforms to break down barriers

Agripreneurship in the business context is the process of creating or spotting a farming business opportunity, making substantial investment, often more than the financial resources available with the Agripreneur, formulating strategy to expand the production and continuously repeating the opportunity-investment-expansion cycle. Agripreneurs at different points of their Agripreneurial journey directly involve in managing farms, production, business and hence a broader understanding of agriculture business management. Farming business is an existing business build by some Agripreneurs who were hardworking farmers at some point of time in the past. The opportunity- investment-expansion cycle is also relevant for the family businesses. Since farmers directly participate in the management of agriculture business, a broader knowledge of business management is useful in running successful Agri business. Management Program for Agripreneurship and Farming Businesses (MPAFB) aims to provide inputs that are relevant for Agripreneurs and members of farming businesses in creating and managing new business as well as existing businesses.

India with changing economic environment, demography, life style and economic development provides great business opportunities for Agripreneurs. Despite not so healthy global economic conditions, India is still attractive for many overseas companies to source services and components which are globally competitive both on cost and quality. Agripreneurial activities increased in India dramatically and farming businesses are equally growing in the last few years. Since most Agripreneurs and new entrants of farming businesses have no experience in managing business, MPAFB gives them an opportunity to learn fundamental principles of managing farming businesses that are relevant to this group from the India’s top Agricultural Organization.