Pranam Kisan: Rural Agri-Fin Tech Support Center

All of us are aware of the issues faced by farmers of India, especially the lack of financial support for field operations and required farming practises, no proper field assistance by experts, non-availability of quality inputs and no direct market linkage. The question has always been: when is the farmer ready to accept institutional field assistance and how can he get the fair price of its produce? They are used to dealing with existing infrastructure and content.

Enter Pranam Kisan Rural Agri-Fin Tech Support Center: A Soil2Sale Digital Platform which aims to solve the same problem, although a little differently. Find best quality Agri inputs and provide result-oriented field assistance for sustainable growth of every individual farmer. Connecting farmers to world of immense opportunity, assistance and sustainable growth with handholding at every step forward.

How it will work?

Essentially, any farmer from the neighbouring area can walk into nearby Pranam Kisan Rural Support Center and also connect by digital platform (e.g Audio/Video call, Chatbot); get an analysis, consultation from an industry expert, and access to high quality, reliable services. The Executive Farmer at the kiosk conducts an analysis, and connects the farmer to an agriculture expert online through a live video or audio feed, through the Pranam Kisan Agri-Fin Tech platform. 

Based on the needs and requirements of the farmer, the executive farmer can even get the farmer access to a live tele-analysis process, which gives information about all necessary content to the agriculture expert online. Thus, the technology platform essentially connects farmers with Agri experts, Agri labs, input suppliers, and even finance and insurance providers. It also takes a digital print of the farmer’s details, to provide easier assistance the second time around. 


Pranam Kisan is working on changing farmer behaviour in rural India by offering them Employment opportunities, institutional field assistance, direct consumer access and providing consistent required support at their doorstep at a price they can afford.


We aim to open 10,000 Rural Agri Fin-Tech Support Centers in next five years with a vision to provide best agricultural assistance service to farmers at a cost they can afford, at a distance they can travel, and with the dignity they deserve.

We also have proposal for state governments to allot us 1 hectare of land in each Tehsil/Taluka to restore biodiversity. We develop that land as biodiversity hotspot with self-sustainable model farm and an Agritourism destination.